While meditating

These are something things I saw while meditating.

chances are this is just my imagination, but I just got done meditating and it looked like I had wings and long brown hair again, like I had before while meditating. It seemed like I was running from something because towards the end of the meditation there were these weird creature things that seemed to be trying to harm me. At the end someone helped me, and I think that’s where it ended. Idk what to make of it, other than my imagination again, which is probably is, but yeah.

Also while I was meditating last night I was trying to focus more on the things that happened last time, to see if I could see more. It seems like I may have, but I’m insure. I know that while I was doing this I got tingly feelings and a weird feeling in my stomach.

I remember I was in a room and it seemed like I was wearing some kind of armor, because I remember looking at my hand and seeing some on my arm. I then left the room and went to what seemed like a room that a king and queen would sit in(like the olden days :p) I remember walking over and giving a gesture to what seemed like the king, and then afterwards I remember being taken away and him saying a betrayed him(I could’ve imagined the betraying part btw). Then I was in what seemed like a prison cell kinda. My hands were above me and were shackled or something like that. It seemed like there was a fire out thingy in front of me as well. (Also possible I made this next part up as well) it seemed like I made the shackles freeze and then broke them, then I escaped and it seemed like I was being chased, so I went into a forest(was flying away btw) to hide.

And I think that’s where it tied into the last one, since when I was attacked by those creature things I was on a path in a forest.

So yeah this could’ve been my imagination, not sure.


Dream from last night

I forgot most of this dream, but I’ll try and explain what I do remember.

I was walking around some where(it seemed like an apartment complex or something like that) when a woman who was driving parked her car in a parking space. I think I followed her, because I think I went into the apartment, while I was in the apartment I think I got weirded out and tried leaving, but I guess I changed my mind because I ended up seeing the person a few moments later. She had red-ish brown hair, Aaanndd that’s about all I remember of her :p. I guess I laid down and was talking with her, I remember looking to my right and the bathroom was there, and it was pitch black. I don’t remember much of the conversation either, I remember asking what she was, because her eyes would change color, but I don’t think I got an answer. A little later it seemed like I was helping the woman move, because there were boxes with a bunch of different things in them.

Sooo yeahh that was my dream.


That’s kinda what her hair color was.

apophis is dead apophis is bad


quote of Selena Anderson

The serpent god of the Criminal world, Apophis represents all that is horrid and evil. As a ancient capacity of solidity and hurly-burly, Apophis is the matching of the sun god, Re, and his life-giving sunlight. The downright serpent was the best evil and eternal doom of Re, who was constrained to fight and not working him each night.

Apophis’s ultimate chance to the sun god was that if Re was not suspicious, Apophis would capsize and break into the solar skill as it sailed through the hours of the night, making it absurd for the sun to ascend on the horizon each day. Apophis could also viewpoint the form of a epic crocodile and punch the sun god on land or water. The perfectly of his state was so alarming that even the downright god Re shuddered once upon a time the serpent roared.


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While meditating

So I think in a slightly older post I said something about me being in a bathroom looking a lot different than I do. Well today while I was meditating I decided to go back to that same place(what I could remember of it) and I started walking around and the bathroom was on the second floor and I walked down a stair case. The house or whatever looked pretty big, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s anything close to what the house could’ve looked like, because well my imagination is like through the roof :p.

Also while meditating I imagined a war happening, it was with swords and stuff soo yeahh, that was my meditation today.

But yeah a pretty short post but it’s the only thing I could think of to post to let you guys know I’m still here.

Woman in my dream?

Sooo this is going to be a quick post because I don’t want to explain the dreams in detail, mainly because I don’t remember a lot of them lol.

So yesterday I had a dream with 2 women in it, I think on had black hair or something like that, and the other had dark auburn hair I think. During this dream I hugged the dark auburn hair woman, which at first when I woke up I thought it might have just been someone I knew in my life, buut now I’m not sure because of the next dream.

The next dream is kinda long, so I’ll just stick with the important parts. I was in an apartment complex or something and there was about 2 or 3 women that would always talk to each other and I’d always see. Well I didn’t ever really look at them so I can’t really describe them, buut at the very end of the dream I saw this woman who had and looked the same as the woman in the last dream, but it didn’t look like a person I thought It was. I’m pretty sure I went to where she was and that’s where the dream ends I think.

Also the person I thought It could’ve been didn’t really look a lot like the person in the dream, but it seemed similar so I assumed it was the person I know.

Maolshneachta 2

I don’t have stuff to post so I figured I’d reblog this lol


Years later a creature came to the demon realm in peace he was a mixture of things and he was powerful. His name was Brakkon his I technically younger brother to death herself. Well him and Maol became close for awhile but eventually another war broke out and Brakkon had a bad reaction to the violence and Maol learned he was full of darkness and dark energy. He went against everyone and was attacking anything. Maol and Beth had to take him down which was heartbreaking to Maol. When they found him he had killed the last 15th generation hierarchy. So they attacked him and he fought hard and ended up slashing Maol across the chest deeply. She fled wounded and heartbroken and hid. She let her soul leave her dammaged body and that soul came into the human realm earth 1150 AD and went into a human girl name…

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During meditation

So while I was meditating earlier I guess for whatever reason I could see even while my eyelids were closed. It was kinda cool because even though I had the blanket over my head(it’s cold and it helps because it’s dark) I could see the sun hitting the blanket and the colors and all that.

Kik group

So there is now 5 of us in the kik group. If you guys wanna join just put your usernames in the comments and I’ll add you, we can have 50 people total and there is only 5 of us so don’t be shy :). If you don’t have kik/ don’t know what it is, it’s a messaging app and you can get it from the App Store. It’s also free. The chat is pretty much there just to make it easier to have conversations with the fellow bloggers instead of flooding the comments and waiting hours for responses.

Last night was weird

So this post will be short but last night while I was laying down I had a pain in my forehead, kinda where someone 3 eye is located. It was kinda like a pinch and it was uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt a lot, so I just decided to go with it. I should also probably note that I was doing the exercise that darealxgen had described to see her. Also while I was doing this I kept feeling something like a cool breeze on my right side, it was weird because my entire upper body wasn’t covered but yet it was only the right side, which is btw the side I wasn’t laying on. So yeah basically while meditating I was imagining her laying next to me which I guess might have worked, but who knows.

Something I’d like to do.

I’ve always wanted to meet a bunch of different people or spirits, even way before “R” decided that she would stick around. As a matter of fact like 2 months before I did the ritual I was looking into things like werewolves and vampires(mainly because those were the only things I knew of at the time lol) and yeah it was pretty interesting reading stories that could’ve had some truth to them, or they could’ve been completely false, who knows.I don’t know why buut yeahh it just kinda interests me. Like reading your guys posts such as when skaard describes how the pack acts like and how they look, or when ken was describing the dream he had with a fox lady who he believes is a kitsune(I think it was you anyways ken, but I could be wrong :p). But yeah I just think it would be pretty awesome to meet a bunch of different people and get to know them and stuff like that. But who knows maybe I’ll try sometime.